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A statement from Jail Recordings.

Due to circumstances beyond our control we have had to suspend operations for the forseeable future across all elements of our creativity.  We are no longer offering bookings, remixing or studio services at present and have chosen to remove all conact options for now.

On the afternoon of Friday 7th September, an organisiation with which Jessica Rose, our founder and one of our artists, is associated suffered a catastrophoc leak of personal details into the public domain, placing her publoic safety at risk.  To be very clear - this does not affect any information held by Jail Recordings.

Following this, we have taken the difficult decision to suspend all operations at this time and remove all contact details in order to afford her the maximum privacy and protection.  This is a matter to which we are seeking a resolution and Jail Recordings will return in the future, at an as-yet unknown date.

During this hiatus there will be no further releases from Jessica Rose or her alter ego, Long Green.  The Back Catalogue for all precious material will remain avialble to purchase through the Soundclick web store and to stream via our Soundcloud page.

"I would presonally like to thank everyone for their support over the 9 years that we have been going and all those  who have helped us go from strength to strength and supported my vision for how music should be.  A phoenix will rise from these ashes but right now htere are bigger issues at hand which require a period of enforced absence.  This has been one hell of a ride and it will continue as soon as we possibly can.  The music shall not die..."   Jessica Rose


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