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Jessica Rose

Jessica is the founder of Jail Recordings and the first artist to release music on the Label.  She started out as a classically trained pianist and then progressed to keyboards and synthesizers learning programming and production skills during college and university.  She can also play drums and spent a short period of time as a drummer in an electro indie band performing around the pubs of the High Wycombe area in between 2000 & 2001.

At the same time she began perfoming at an open decks night at the student union of the university she was attending (Buskinghamshire Chilterns Univeristy College), fusing a combination of traditional vinyl DJying with computer led sythesizer and sampler work to create a unique style and the ability to remix tracks 'live'.

During this time she met another like minded producer, Toby Routledge, and the foundations for the collective known as Utopian Future were laid.  A number of other prodcuers and musicians contributed to projects with the collective, allowing a wide range of musical influences and styles to help Jessica to hone her production skills.

When Utopian Future drifted apart she began a solo career writing original material, producing for other artists and remixing tracks.

Jessica Rose works in a wide variety of dance genres, with her skill is the development of a number of layers within the music combined with a killer hook.  Her remix style is to take the vocals from the original track and to create a completely different audioscape in which to place them.  This allows for complete changes of genre, enabling her to remix folk rock as dubstep, pop as orchestral and r&b as drum 'n' bass.

This versatility has seen her remixing tracks from many well known artists such as Katy Perry, Mariah Carey, Sam Smith, Madonna and many more.

She has also written classical scores for short films, conceptual audio based on commissioned requirements and music and audioscapes for stage theatre productions.

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Jessica Rose is available for composition, collaboration and remixing services.  These can be arranged through Jail Recordings.  info@jailrecoridngs.com

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