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Jail Recordings are proud to represent a wide range of artists.

We are home to many genres of dance music from many great artists.  Here you can find details of the artists we represent.  Click on an artist for more detailed information.

Please contact us for booking information of artist availabliity for remix comissions.

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Long Green

Long Green is a remixer / producer with a focus primarily on Dubsep and Drum 'n' Bass genres.  She has remixed everything from folk rock to r&b into her own unique style.

Golgotha Outlaws

The 'Outlaws were a loose collective of DJs and producers with many guest appearneces on their tracks.  Although the lineup has changed over the years they remain a strong force in dance music and were instrumental in bringing Jessica Rose to the forefront of dance music.

Other Artists

Jail Recordings have also represented and worked with many other  artists over the years.  You can find out more about them here.

Jessica Rose

Jessica is the founder of Jail Recordings and all here releases are here.  She composes and produces a wide range of music in different genres both in the fields of dance music and pop / rock and orchestral.

Gordon Boss

Gordon is a renowed DJ, remixer and producer.  Equally at home playing a set in the clubs or a gig at a festival.  Gordon has remixed for some of the biggest names in the business.

Utopian Future

This is where it all began.  Back in 2001 this was the working collective originally founded by Jessica Rose whilst DJing and remixing at university.  They went on to evolve into Golgotha Outlaws, Jail Recordings are proud to be able to continue to offer their recordings.


Roze is a relativeley new signing to Jail Recordings but she has already produced and relased some classic remixes and some killer original material.  A rising start for 2021 and beyond.

Email: info@jailrecordings.com