Jail Recordings

Who are Jail Recordings?

We are an independant record label, focussing purely on various forms of dance music.  Our artists work in many genres from trance, house and proressive to drum n bass and dubstep.  We believe that the next generation of musicians deserve a platform to showcase their tallents and a record comany behind them that isn't afraid to take a chance on new sounds and new ideas.

How did it all start?

The music started way back in 2002!  Our founder and CEO, Jessica Rose began producing and DJing whilst completing her degree in Film Production at university.  An acomplished musician from an early age, she produced a number of tracks that were released on line and gained some commercial success.  This process of production and self relase of material continued until 2008 when she began Jail Recordings as a home to release music and provide copyright protection.  Over the years Jail Recrdings has grown to become home to a number of artists and gone on to have a number of commercial successes with releases and contines to go from strength to strength.

What exactly do you do?

We release both individual tracks and whole albums though various didital platforms.  We offer remixing of works and specialise in creating various dance genre remixies from non dance orientated original tracks.  You can book our atists to DJ or perform at your event or club and we also offer liscencing of our music either as the original track or in an istrument only form suitable for commercial videos and backing music.  We also offer a music-by-design service too.  If you're looking for music for a commerical video but dont want to pay extortionate rates for liscencing, come and talk to us.  Past and current clients include;  Gymies Fitness, Stormfront Apple Retail, Currys PCWorld and Sunlife.

Is there anything else you do?

We can also write, direct and produce band promo videos, provide image consultancy and offer promotrional and gig photography as well, though out subsiduaries, Jail Productions and Jail Promotions.

What about copyright?

Some of the material we release is what would be classed as a white label or promotional recording.  Where other artists mateial is used, we will always credit the artist and ensure that this work is not used for commercial gain.  Many such recordings can now be viewed as fiar usage under copyright law.

We believe that making such materials availble to listen to online showcases both the original artist and song and our own artist.  As such it should be a win win situation.  We are aware that not all record companies are as broad minded and therefore we will consider requests to remove any such songs provided that the request is made by the original copyright holder and that they can prove they have the right to make any such request.

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Images taken from a Jail Promotions photo shoot for a Solo Album by Adam Hayward (Formely of Shark Taboo & Josie Without Colours)

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