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Golgotha Outlaws

The 'Outlaws are a loose collective of DJs and producers with many guest appearneces on their tracks.  Although the lineup has changed over the years they remain a strong force in dance music and were instrumental in bringing Jessica Rose to the forefront of dance music.

Tracing their roots back to around 2001-2002, they began as a loose collective of musicians who all met at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College and began to expserimnet with a mixture of synthesizers, samplers and traditional vinyl DJing.  Focussed around a fixed core of 2 producers, Jessica Rose and Toby Routledge, they absobed influences form all areas of musical culture and began to colaborate and welcome in a wide variety of musicians from the local area.

Much of their material was based around the Drum n Bass genre with a seonse of the ambinet chaord of jungle combined with bigger, heavier beats and some cheeky samples.

Over the time that they were together, they released two albums  The first was the curoiulsy titled "Cacophonous Wank", which showcased a number of tracks created durting open decks nights and then later refined and expanded with additional input from other musicians.  Secondly came "The Early Years" which showcased a number of raw demo tracks from the early days of Golgotha Outlaws which were remixed and refined prior to release.

Below are perhaps thier two best known tracks, 'Destiny's Road' and 'Bigger', which went on to reach number 6 in the Soundclick.com Play charts.

Golgotha Outlaws - Destiny's Road

Golgotha Outlaws - Bigger

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