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Gordon Boss

Gordon Boss is a seasoned DJ, remixer and producer.  Alough now he's now chosen to move away from the industry, he'splayed some of the biggest UK club nights and remixed and reworked some of the biggest tracks around.

As early as 2002 he was a headline DJ on the house music scene and stayed at the forefront of the genre for many years.  Gordons signature style is to mix elements of house and garage sounds from the past and present to create a range of radio drendly reworks and club firiendly epic remixes.

Gordon Boss has also made appearances with Golgotha Outlaws as a first release through Jail Recordings and remixed tracks from Jail artists as well as reworking huge tracks from the likes of Sterling Void, Lady GaGa, Freemasons and CeCe Peniston.

Jail Recordings are proud to represent the full Gordin Boss back catalogue

Gordon Boss Vs Golgotha Outlaws remix of Alright.  

Vocals by Sterling Void, music and video (C) Jail Recordings

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